Dear White People

official trailer HD; in theaters oct. 17

Bougie Lisa Bonet wannabe is such a good way to describe me 

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Being smart is nice and all but I really just want to look at pictures of cute animals all day.

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Famous Authors Who Hated Each Other’s Writing
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so much snark


Famous Authors Who Hated Each Other’s Writing

via Kurt White

so much snark

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Was your high school experience as glitzy as the one in photographer Akasha Rabut’s series Edna Karr? #cheerleaders #photography @beautifuldecay

My favorite part of mardi gras

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"The best way to get kids to read a book is to say: ‘This book is not appropriate for your age, and it has all sorts of horrible things in it like sex and death and some really big and complicated ideas, and you’re better off not touching it until you’re all grown up. I’m going to put it on this shelf and leave the room for a while. Don’t open it."

 Philip Pullman (via abookblog)

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"Your Dad has told me that you are a stamp collector and I thought you might like to have these stamps to add to your collection."

Letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to nine year old Bobby Kennedy on July 12, 1935

"I am going to frame your letter and I am going to keep it always in my room."

Reply to President Roosevelt from Bobby Kennedy on July 19, 1935

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Beyoncé Voters, obvs


Beyoncé Voters, obvs

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[Harper's Index] | July 2014

The Harper’s Index is brilliant and we should all talk about it.

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"When another unarmed black teenager is gunned down, there is something that hurts about having to put fingers to keyboard in an attempt to illuminate why another black life taken is a catastrophe, even if that murdered person had a criminal record or a history of smoking marijuana, even if that murdered person wasn’t a millionaire or college student. There is something that hurts when thinking about the possibility of being “accidentally” shot on some darkened corner, leaving a writer who never met you the task of asking the world to acknowledge your value posthumously, as it didn’t during your life."

The Racism Beat by Cord Jefferson

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Is this the world’s slowest game of leapfrog? Photographer captures moment a snail crawls onto a green tree frog and perches on its HEAD… 

The frog is the pet of Indonesian photographer Lessy Sebastian.  Mr Sebastian decided he wanted some photos of his pet frog enjoying the sun.  All the photos are by Lessy Sebastian/Hotspot Media via Daily Mail.

Snail : Hey, you mind if I chill on your head?

Frog : Nope, go ahead.

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Facebook you know me so well.

Facebook you know me so well.

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Philadelphia based fiber artist Erin M. Riley is tackling taboo issues with her loom. She’s capturing the issues of today’s generation with very old school traditional form of storytelling. Her threads weave together depictions of female sexuality, drug use, birth control, car crashes, selfies, among others. The results of which are breathtaking in a very perverse way - most of the images will make you feel as if you’re sneaking a peek at private photos on someones phone, the element of being privy to what’s going on behind the scene but not being talked about - and at second glance you can’t help but stare in awe at the painstaking efforts that go into her work. 

Erin’s work will be showing at Philadelphia based Paradigm Gallery + Studio from August 30th - October 12th, 2013. Hope you can make it out, these tapestries are sure to stir up a dialogue.


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a better son/daughter by rilo kiley [lyrics]

sometimes, when you’re on, you’re really fucking on, and your friends, they sing along and they love you. but the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap and it teases you for weeks in its absence.

I’ve been listening to this on repeat lately

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Donut Doubles

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